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Precision medium pressure manometer

Precision medium pressure manometer
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79,00 ¤

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Product no.: MIDR

Shipping Weight: 0.70kg

Manufacturer:Heser Tauchtechnik GmbH

Precision medium pressure manometer
Metering Range:  0 - 10bar
0 - 16bar

These medium pressure manometers are designed to exact adjusting of medium pressure of the first stage. In order to guarantee an exact readability as possible, the manometers have a diameter of 100mm. The manometers are available in different pressure ranges. Due to the better readability of the manometer you should prefer the model with the smaller pressure range, but the pressure of the manometer should be sufficient for your regulator.

Metering range Categorie of Accuracy1) Smallest Graduation mark Housing
0 to 10bar Category 1.0 0,2bar Steel plate black painted
0 to 16bar Category 1.0 0,5bar Steel plate black painted

1) The category of accuracy specifies the percental tolerance allowed from actual metering (in relation to the maximun measuring value). This means, for example, that a manometer with category 1.0 and an ultimate value of 10bar (Metering range 0 to 10bar) is allowed to differ from real value about plus-minus 0,1bar, that is to say, that a real pressure of 9,5bar can be shown as a reading between 9,4 and 9,6bar.

Medium pressure manometer with a category of accuracy of 2,5% (category 2.5) or less are not sufficient exact for adjusting the medium pressure of regulators. In addition, these manometers have mostly a small scale diameter of approximately 50mm, so that the exact meter reading is even more difficult.

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