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Heser Regulator Test Bench

Heser Regulator Test Bench
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Product no.: TX10

Shipping Weight: 30.00kg

Heser Regulator Test Bench

Regulator Test Bench Video (English subtitle)

The analog Heser breath controller test bench eliminates a fundamental
Problem with the maintenance of regulators:

Precise adjustment of mean pressure and breathing resistance requires
precise measuring instruments as well as a constant
Breathing of the regulator.

Because this uniformity is so important during the so-called "manual
with manual breathing is almost impossible, we offered a wide range of
so far only (correspondingly expensive) computer-controlled test benches
the possibility to have a regulator with constant ventilation
and to check it. The analogue Heser breath controller test bench
offers a real alternative, as it can be used without any electronics and
only with the help of a connected vacuum cleaner can a constant
provides negative pressure to reduce the respiratory resistance of the 2nd stage
to be able to adjust it precisely. In addition, the test bench has
also via a precise medium pressure manometer in order to measure the pressure
regulator stage to be able to set the medium pressure correctly.

Thus, the Heser breath regulator test bench enables the complete
Adjustment of a regulator in a single operation and with
repeatable accuracy.

Technical data:

  •     Maximum permissible medium pressure: 16 bar (protected by overpressure valve)
  •     Medium pressure gauge: 16bar Deviation: max. 1% from final deflection
  •     Maximum permissible negative pressure 1.0 kilopascal
  •     Differential pressure gauge: 1.0 kilopascal Deviation: max. 2% of final deflection
  •     Permissible Ambient temperature: -5°C to 45°C
  •     Vacuum cleaner connection: max. 36mm
  •     Weight: 20kg


Heser Regulator Test Bench

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