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Heser-Backup "II. Edition" LED Head

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Product no.: BKUPLH

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Manufacturer:Heser Tauchtechnik GmbH

Heser-Backup "II. Edition" LED Head

Second Edition: The version "II. Edition" has a luminous flux in the range of min 300 lm. The LED head is also pressure-tight up to 20 bar. This increases safety considerably, as the lamp head continues to function safely even when the lamp is flooded.

High light output from the 4W LED

Through the use of a very powerful 4W LED, this lamp has an enormous luminous efficacy in comparison to halogen lamps of comparable size and that with longer burning time.

Properly focused beam

The focusing of the LED beam is tight enough to meet the needs of cave divers. Until now, no LED lamp on the market has a tight enough focus for cave diving use. This focusing was achieved through a specially manufactured reflector. Until now it was normal for 50% of the available light not to be focused by the reflector/lens combination. This unfocused light spreads out to the sides and doesn't do the cave diver any good. A tightly focused efficient light beam is also advantageous for normal open water diving. Because of this the Heser-Backup is also used as a main light for open water diving.

27mm outlet diameter (27mm)

A large reflector can more efficiently focus the LEDs output than a small reflector. Many LED lamp manufacturers use a smaller, less efficient reflector/lens unit, thereby saving money. We don't.

High reliability

  • Shock resistant
  • Since LEDs are shockresistant, and the LED junction emits light almost forever (50000 hours) these lamps are highly reliable.

  • Completely sealed LED unit
  • The completly sealed LED unit keep on working also in a flooded housing. The LED unit is pressure-tight up to 20 bar.

No electronic control

The decision to eliminate controlling electronics provides the following advantages for use as a Backup light:

  • Increased Reliability
  • Electronics can get damaged by water or shock, and become unusable.

  • Increased burn time

  • An electrically controlled LED is always using the maximum power that the circuit is designed for. The advantage is constant brightness until the batteries are completely discharged. The battery voltage drops during the discharge cycle, and the control electronics will compensate this drop by increasing current to the LED. Towards the end of the battery discharge cycle the current draw is at the highest level and the batteries rapidly die with little to no warning. Without control electronics the current draw drops along with the battery voltage. The disadvantage is the LED becomes dimmer as the voltage drops. The advantage is the burn time increases dramatically. This can be an enormous advantage for a diver who needs light since the burn time provided by the electronics is no longer working against him. Due to the elimination of control electronics the lamp is capable of delivering enough light for over 8 hours.

  • Compensation of battery weakness
  • If one of the batteries would become week, maybe caused by a battery failure, the electronic controller would raise the current to compensate the lake of voltage. Without a controller the current goes down an reduces the load of the batteries. In such a case, the LED burns weaker but much longer.

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